Single I Dan Reed Network – Pretty Karma


New Album ‘Let’s Hear It For The King’
New Release Date: June 17, 2022

Dan Reed Network are delighted to present the new lyric video for Pretty Karma – the second single from the upcoming new album ‘Let’s Hear It For The King.’ The single is out now and is available to stream at

‘Let’s Hear It For The King’ is Dan Reed Network’s sixth studio album, and their first since 2018’s Origins album. The new album comes full circle to the band’s original vision statement – to challenge beliefs, smash down existing protocol, and build something new out of the shrapnel.

“We are chomping at the bit to get out there and bring people what we genuinely believe is the heaviest, funkiest and most melodic DRN album to date,” says Dan Reed. “These songs are the strongest representation of the band’s sound that we’ve ever created. You have been warned!”

Not for the faint-hearted, the long-awaited new DRN album pays tremendous detail to infectious melodies, provocative lyrics and honours their shredding funk rock roots. This album is for visionaries who want to be part of and bear witness to the next step in the Dan Reed Network’s artistic evolution.

Available to pre-order from the official Dan Reed Network store – the new album will be available as a Limited Edition DRN LHIFTK box set, Limited Edition coloured vinyl, and much more. Dan has even created personalised, hand-written lyric sheets for each song from Let’s Hear It For The King that will be randomly placed inside the limited-edition box sets. Happy hunting, everyone!

“The new album snarls and bites,” says an enthusiastic Dan Reed. “We wanted to cut its teeth alongside some young, high-energy bands, so who better than Reckless Love and Collateral. Those boys can rock. Anyone who’s seen DRN live knows that’s where we come to life. We’re ready to deliver a lot of energy and give the audience a direct shot of funk n’ roll!”

Music and Lyrics by Dan Reed

This track’s intention is to shine light on how political and social tribalism, especially in the US, is in danger of creating a divide between humanity that will be hard to heal if it continues unchecked. The Left and Right share far more commonalities than differences. Unfortunately, there’s far too much money to be made on making sure people never see eye to eye and the karma, or energy, that is fostered in this environment will one day come back to haunt everyone. The aggressive musical track Dan wrote mirrors the hatred both sides hold for the other while the chorus is a reminder that it’s never too late to celebrate that which binds us together if we take the time to admit it.