Single I Austin Walkin’ Cane – Living, Working, Dying


American blues musician AUSTIN’ WALKIN’ CANE releases “Living, Working, Dying”, the second single from his new studio album “Muscle Shoals”, which will be released on 17.03.2023 by Hoboville Records

Austin Walkin’ Cane has traveled the world singing the blues with only a guitar & suitcase in hand.

The singer/slide guitarist says: “B.B. King • Live at the Regal“ was the album that led me to the blues at fourteen years old. B.B.’s voice & guitar blew my mind! Then I started digging deeper & found Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Robert Jr Lockwood. A few months later, Robert Johnson • „King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol. I & II“ fueled my obsession with slide guitar.“

The album was inspired by the legendary FAME Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Legends such as Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett & Otis Redding recorded hits in Studio A. The Allman Brothers had their first jam in Studio B.


Austin Walkin’ Cane - Living, Working, Dying