Rusty Ends & Hillbilly Hoodoo – The Last Of The Boogiemen
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Releasedatum: 30 april 2020

Rusty Ends and Hillbilly Hoodoo are the last real deal, the missing link between 1950s blues and rockbilly and the musical styles of the 21st century.

The 12 original songs on ‘The Last of the Boogie Men’ take the blues and genres influenced by them (rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and even swing), and blend them together to make a spicy hillbilly gumbo.

Rusty’s guitar has taken him from the rough and tumble roadhouses where he began to back groups like the Shirelles, the Drifters, the Marvelettes, Bobby Lewis, and the Coasters, and The Little River Band.

‘The Last of the Boogie Men’ is the most stripped down recording Rusty has ever made, just guitar, bass and drums and on two cuts Gary Falk on tenor sax.

A couple of favorites are “We Love Our Way Through the Blues” by Memphis composers John Cummings and John Ward, where Rusty’s guitar recalls Wes Montgomery and Otis Rush, rockabilly raveup “Cottonmouth Rock” and the Muscle Shoals groove, “I Forgot to Say I Love You.”

01. Cheap Wine
02. Unholy Roller
03. Hillbilly Hoodoo
04. I Forgot to Say I Love You
05. Rockabilly Boogie #1003
06. Cottonmouth Rock
07. Stiletto Heels and Fishnet Hose
08. Let Me Cross Your Mind 2
09. We Love Our Way Through the Blues
10. Bob Wills Played the Blues
11. Midnight Angels
12. Sinners Strut

All songs written by Rusty Ends except:
Track 2: Gene Wickliffe and Rusty Ends
Track 4: Wayne Young and Rusty Ends
Track 8: Dave Zirnheld and Rusty Ends
Track 9: John Cummings and John Ward
Track 10: David Witherspoon and Rusty Ends

Vocals and Guitar – Rusty Ends
Background Vocals and Bass – Uncle Dave Zirnheld
Drums – Gene Wickliffe
Tenor Sax – special guest Gary Falk