Rufus Wainwright – Unfollow The Rules
Format: CD – 2LP – Digital
Label: BMG
Release: 2020

‘Unfollow the Rules’ is Rufus Wainwright’s ninth of original material, his first since Out of the Game (2012), and his first with BMG. The album was produced by Mitchell Froom, and other contributors include Matt Chamberlain, Jim Keltner, and Blake Mills.

Includes “Trouble in Paradise”, “Damsel in Distress”, “Peaceful Afternoon”, and “Alone Time”. There’s still a sense of mischief in Wainwright’s songs, but there’s also abundant passion, honesty and a kind of fearlessness pervading this album. He pushes the boundaries of pop with these tracks, which were mostly recorded in single takes, and his vocals are at their soaring, sublime best.

01: Trouble In Paradise
02: Damsel In Distress
03: Unfollow The Rules
04: You Ain’t Big
05: Romantical Man
06: Peaceful Afternoon
07: Only the People That Love
08: This One’s For The Ladies (THAT LUNGE!)
09: My Little You
10: Early Morning Madness
11: Hatred
12: Alone Time

Website: Rufus Wainwright