Review: Jeff Pitchell – Brown Eyed Blues


Jeff Pitchell – Brown Eyed Blues

Jeff Pitchell – Brown Eyed Blues
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Deguello Records
Release: 2024

Text: Pascal Wilhelm

Punchy. That was my first impression of ‘Brown Eyed Blues.’ Guitar-driven songs with SRV inspired axe sounds (Jeff’s band is even called Texas Flood).

Artists like Jeff Pitchell make me realize how big the US is; you can keep discovering new artists that even have been around for some time. Jeff achieved national recognition with his album Heavy Hitter (#7 on the Billboard Charts!) and recorded with J. Geils, Rick Derringer, Dave Mason, James Cotton, and Clarence Clemons. He won numerous awards, including two songwriting awards from the Great American Songwriting Contest.

So, apparently Jeff is not a newcomer. However, I admit I never heard from him before. This sixth album (including a CD with rocking songs for kids) contains 16 (!) songs. Contrary to my initial impression, Jeff is not a SRV copycat. He has his own, unique style and reputation as a guitar player, singer and songwriter.

Lyrically, each song on this record has a distinctive message, and is delivered in a straightforward blues (rock) package. The complete collection is varied, and Jeff’s voice is relaxed and pleasant to listen to. This record is what I call artisanal. Everything is done well; the lyrics, compositions, playing and the recording. Just a good product. You don’t have to like it, but it ticks all the boxes.

To my taste, the recordings are pumped up (mastering) to a level that I find it too much. Everything is LOUD, a bit more dynamics would have been nicer to my eardrums.

But that is my only feedback, this record will certainly appeal to the vast bluesrock audience out there.

01. Now You Know
02. Brown Eyed Blues
03. Wait
04. Caught Up In The Wave
05. Every Day
06. When We Kiss
07. Do Right Girl
08. Beg, Steal and Rob
09. Any Way You Can
10. Stay While The Night Is Young
11. Meet Me
12. Whiskey River
13. Keep My Head Up
14. When It All Comes Down
15. Soulshine
16. Welcome To The Beat