Michael Doucet – Lâcher Prise
Format: CD – LP – Digital / Label: Compass  Records

Release: 2020

Tekst: Iain Patience

Michael Doucet says of this his latest release that he hopes it’s fun and enjoyed by listeners. And fun it certainly is, much as might be expected from this Louisiana musical giant. With a couple of Grammies under his belt, not to mention double-figure nominations, and the first Grammy awarded to a Cajun band with his alter-ego, BeauSoliel, Doucet can turn on the charm, the fun and the musical mastery at the drop of a proverbial hat. Here we have Doucet teamed up with a new band, including players from the likes of The Duhks and Bonamassa, to combine as Lacher Prise, a French term roughly meaning ‘Let go.’

With the ten-track ‘Lacher Prise,’ he again rattles along with his always driving, astonishingly gripping fiddle-work and sense of rip-roaring good ole toe-tapping music at the heart. Doucet seldom puts a foot or a finger wrong and moves effortlessly across genres with some fiery Spanish sounding undercurrents that somehow almost miraculously manage to remain rooted in that Cajun, Acadian tradition he so embodies. Doucet includes sort of marching band rhythms and ripples at times before suddenly drifting off into a mixture, a mélange of French and English lyricism that always typifies much of what he does best.

The surprising thing about this guy is that he is seldom recognized for the true talent he most assuredly is, and the remarkable ability he invariably delivers seemingly with neither fuss nor difficulty. With his unerring eye and ear for good-time, Louisiana and Cajun music – a genre all too often overlooked or sneered at by its blues cousins who arrogantly think they hold the musical high ground – Doucet is nothing less than a true US national treasure. Lacher Prise simply adds yet another string to his already swinging bow. Treat yourself to some mighty fine Cajun music with this one, wonderful stuff yet again from a master musician.

01. Water, Water
02. Lula, Lula Don’t You Go to Bingo
03. Dites Moi Pas
04. Walking on a Mardi Gras Day
05. Abandone
06. Bad Woman
07. Marie Catin
08. He’s Got All the Whiskey
09. Chere Emelie
10. Cajun Gypsy
11. Lula, Lula Don’t You Go to Bingo (Deluxe Edition CD Only Track)

Website: Michael Doucet