Ralph de Jongh – ‘Let It Be Good For All’

01. Blue Blue You I Love You
02. Shotgun Mama
03. High On My Own Supply
04. Seed The Seeds
05. The Will That Floats To The Spring Of All Life
06. Let It Be Good For All
07. She
08. There Are No Words
09. Open Up The Door
10. Got To Forgive Myself
11. That’s Why I Cried Out Lung And Heart
12. Gotto Learn To Live Together
13. You & Me
14. Dancing In The Rain

All songs with Marcel Wolthof on drums and sometimes Leon van Etten who both also played on the double vinyl Quantum.
Leon also sings backing vocal with Ylvalie & Ralph
On the pedal steel & guitar – Tim Birkenholz
On the guitar – Chi Ron &Ralph

On the bass – Nico Heilijgers

Recorded and mixed and mastered by Juan Kiers at Jan Kisjes Studio
She was recorded 30 july and the rest 3 augustus, here Moons sings backings with ylvalie and Leon is missing
Leon sometimes takes over the drums from drummer Marcel Wolthof and sometimes they even play at the same time
Bassist Nico Heilijgers sometimes also sings along with Ralph’s vocals