Zach Russell – Where The Flowers Meet The Dew


Zach Russell - Where The Flowers Meet The Dew

Zach Russell – Where The Flowers Meet The Dew
Format: CD – Vinyl LP
Label: Carlboro Records – Thirty Tigers
Release: 2023

Release date: December 1, 2023

Music has always played a pivotal role in Russell’s life. A background in Baptist and Hymnal music as a youth and a taste for hip-hop, rock, and country music informed his musical style between 2016 and 2020 as he found his footing. In 2021 the world received its proper introduction to Zach Russell as a fully formed artist with the release ‘The Creek.’ This five-song EP proved not only to be a landmark release in Russell’s career, but with its lyrical depth, soaring instrumental jams and infectious melodies, it served as proof that this landmark was merely the first of many to come.

Since moving home and finding clarity, the past 18 months have been busy for Russell. He spent those months writing music, touring with The Alex Leach Band, and delivering a guest appearance on Adeem the Artist critically acclaimed album, ‘White Trash Revelry.’ That wave of momentum has culminated to this moment, and the release of his highly anticipated full-length debut, ‘Where the Flowers Meet the Dew.’


01. What You Want Comes to You (1:09)
02. I Thought I Was the Trees
03. Milk & Honey
04. Take Me Back to Tennessee
05. Die to Myself
06. Born Again
07. Playing House
08. Back to Dirt
09. Nothin’ to Haul
10. What I Know Now