Veronique Gayot – Be A Man


Veronique Gayot - Be A Man

Veronique Gayot – Be A Man
Format: CD
Label: Timezone Records – On Stage Records
Release: 2023

After ‘Wild Cat’ and ‘Animal‘, the French Véronique Gayot follows up with the next album with ‘Be A Man’. In the ten songs on the album she covers the spectrum from traditional blues to boogie to funky elements.

Gayot’s expressive, energetic voice is impressive, giving the pieces their very own character and with which she doesn’t have to hide from other blues singers. In the classic blues song “The Weatherman” she shows that she has an excellent command of the blues harp, but that she uses it very carefully so as not to destroy the song.

In addition to Gayot, her musicians also show that they understand their craft very well. An example is the mid-tempo blues “Ain’t No Place”, in which the keyboard and subtly interspersed electric guitar solos are invigorating elements that are successful contrasts to Gayot’s voice.

On “Right Time To Boogie” she lets the wildcat inside her free and then on “Do it Yourself” she lands in soulful realms. What’s strong is how she weaves psychedelic elements into the blues on “Dynamite and Gasoline”.
With “Love At First Sight”, a languid blues ballad in a duet with Yannick Eichert, you feel like you’ve been transported to a smoky bar in the southern states. Here, too, their musicians show their class, as they really underline the sound but play their way into the foreground in short solos.

In conclusion, it can be said that Véronique Gayot has created a strong album with “Be A Man”, which is also very varied due to the variety of songs and will delight the listener.


01. Ain’t No Place
02. Be A Man
03. The Weatherman
04. Swing Down
05. No Tears I Cry
06. Do It Yourself
07. Dynamite And Gasoline
08. Love At First Sight
09. Shake The Dust
10. Right Time To Boogie (live)