Umberto Porcaro – Take Me Home


Umberto Porcaro - Take Me Home

Umberto Porcaro – Take Me Home
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Epops Music
Release: 2022

Umberto Porcaro, guitarist and singer from Sicily, after ten years of his last recording episode is proud to present ‘Take Me Home’ released Sunday, October 9 in CD and vinyl format and available on all digital platforms. The album features two true legends of contemporary blues, from the most representative and iconic styles of this music: Lurrie Bell from Chicago and Anson Funderburgh from Texas.

The soundtrack chosen for the teaser of the album, ‘You Was’, is a song dedicated to his father, who died suddenly three years ago. A father always present in Umberto’s life and musical career, starting as his first supporter and then becoming the band’s tour manager.

Umberto Porcaro says: “I decided to call the album Take Me Home because for me it really means a homecoming, the blues is and will always be home for me. Inside this album I wanted to put my joys, my pains, my troubles. Who I am today is due to all the experiences I went through and the marks I wear on my skin. For this journey, in addition to my band (Federico Patarnello on drums and Giulio Campagnolo on Hammond organ), I wanted to have by my side Stanley Sargeant on bass, Marco Pandolfi on harp, and I am honored to have as guests two musicians that I really love: Lurrie Bell and Anson Funderburgh. ‘


01. Run Into My World
02. Out Of The Storm
03. It’s My Pleasure To Play The Blues (Feat. Lurrie Bell)
04. Bring Me Down
05. Love Is Risin’
06. You Was
07. Take Me Home
08. Cool World (Feat. Anson Funderburgh)
09. Don’t Push Me
10. Rollin Down Below
11. Moutain Cheese