The Wild Feathers – Sirens


The Wild Feathers - Sirens

The Wild Feathers – Sirens
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: New West Records

Release: 2024

Release date: October 4, 2024

How would you define The Wild Feathers? Some may immediately check a box for Americana – and they wouldn’t be wrong. Others may lean on a version of rock: Country-rock, folk-rock, heartland rock.  They’d all be right, too. Blues? A Southern flare? Occasional punk attitude? It’s all in there. Now, it’s time to hop on the bus and sing along.

The longtime Nashville band returns this year with ‘Sirens,’ a new LP of road-worn, sharply-woven tales chronicling a life worth living, love worth holding and the hard-earned lessons found along the ride. To cut the follow-up to 2021 album Alvarado – the band’s debut on independent label New West Records – The Wild Feathers decamped from Music City, U.S.A., to Los Angeles for sessions with producer Shooter Jennings (known for his work with Brandi Carlile, Turnpike Troubadours and Tanya Tucker, among others) at Dave’s Room in North Hollywood.

Listen intently and without genre in mind. Because when the so-called Sirens make their sound on this new album, don’t worry about how to define it. Just enjoy the ride.


01. Stereo
02. Pretending
03. Sanctuary
04. L.A. Makes Me Sad
05. Slow Down
06. Comedown
07. Don’t Know
08. Rendezvous
09. Sleep For Days
10. Giving Up