The White Buffalo – Year Of The Dark Horse


The White Buffalo - Year of the Dark Horse

The White Buffalo – Year Of The Dark Horse
Format: CD – Vinyl LP
Label: Virgin Music

Release date: November 11, 2022

Loosely based around the shifting of the seasons and the shifting of a relationship, YEAR OF THE DARK HORSE is The White Buffalo’s most ambitious and challenging work to date. A collection of 12 musical vignettes – individual yet constant in flow – that show off the full scope of his song-writing craft. Joining forces with legendary producer Jay Joyce, the results are both spectacular and surprising, showing what can be achieved when creativity is hailed as king and genre restrictions are cast into the fire.

“My forthcoming album is a sonic and lyrical journey of one lunar year in one man’s life. Four seasons in 12 songs. Loosely based on my twisted truths and adventures. I wanted to show the seasonal effect on the heart and the mind. I also wanted to abandon, sonically, everything. Escape the acoustic clutches and genres I’ve been associated with and shackled to. I wanted to make my headphones album. Every song bleeds into the next. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done before. Welcome to…

Year Of The Dark Horse.”

– Jake Smith // The White Buffalo 


01. Not Today
02. Winter Act 2
03. Kingdom For A Fool
04. Love Will Never Come / Spring’s Song
05. She Don’t Know That I Lie
06. C’mon Come Up Come Out
07. Love Song #3
08. Heart Attack
09. Am I Still A Child
10. 52 Card Pickup
11. Donna
12. Life Goes On