The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings)


Johnny Winter - The Johnny Winter Story (The GRTJanus Recordings)

The Johnny Winter Story (The GRTJanus Recordings)
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Omnivore Recordings
Release: 2023

Release date: December 15, 2023

Early recordings from the Grammy® winner, Blues Hall of Fame inductee, and one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Before signing with Columbia Records in 1969, and becoming one of preeminent blues guitar guitarists in the world, Johnny Winter recorded a number of singles and tracks with producers Ken Ritter and Roy C. Ames. From that material, The Johnny Winter Story appeared on GRT Records in 1969, followed that same year by About Blues on the Janus Records label. The following year saw Janus release another collection: Early Times. They became the definitive collections of the future legend’s early work.

Now, for the first time, the material from those compilations is available in one place: The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings). Featuring 33 tracks on CD and Digital, the years before Winter became a multiple Grammy® winner (for both his own records and his production work on three Muddy Waters classics including Hard Again and I’m Ready) are available in one place.

Newly remastered by Grammy®-winning engineer, Michael Graves, The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings) also features the original 1969 liner notes from producer, Testament Records founder/owner, and blues historian Pete Welding.

Before being on the cover of the first issue of Guitar World, before becoming the first non-African American performer inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, before being named as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time, it had to start somewhere. It starts with The Johnny Winter Story (The GRT/Janus Recordings).


CD 1:
01. Ease My Heart1. Ease My Heart (3:10)
2. That’s What Love Does (2:21)
3. Crying In My Heart (2:40)
4. The Guy You Left Behind (2:35)
5. Shed So Many Tears (2:19)
6. Creepy (2:22)
7. Gangster Of Love (2:30)
8. Road Runner (2:05)
9. Leave My Woman (Wife) Alone (2:44)
10. I Can’t Believe You Want To Leave (2:30)
11. Broke And Lonely (2:25)
12. Oh My Darling (2:24)
13. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (2:14)
14. Five After Four A.M. (3:05)
15. Parchman Farm (2:42)
16. Livin’ In The Blues (2:41)
17. Leavin’ Blues (2:49)
18. Thirty-Eight, Thirty-Two, Twenty (2:16)

CD 2
19. Bad News (2:38)
20. Kind Hearted Woman (3:42)
21. Out Of Sight (2:22)
22. Low Down Gal Of Mine (3:08)
23. Going Down Slow (4:40)
24. Avocado Green (2:33)
25. Stay By My Side (2:17)
26. I Had To Cry (1:56)
27. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2:41)
28. Harlem Nocturne (Instrumental) (3:00)
29. Easy Lovin’ Girl (2:50)
30. Spiders Of The Mind (3:02)
31. My World Turns All Around Her (2:43)
32. Take A Chance On My Love (Instrumental) (3:04)
33. Please Come Home For Christmas (2:41)