Stone Water – Make Me Try


Stone Water - Make Me Try

Stone Water – Make Me Try
Format: CD
Label: Timezone Records
Release: 2023

Release date: September 15, 2023

Stone Water from Hamburg (Germany) do not renounce their roots, they build upon it. They draw from the same well of American roots music that inspired the Rolling Stones, Black Crowes and Tom Petty, finding hidden depths within it, shaping tradition according to their own view to make it sound fresh. They serve up loads of soul infused rock with southern accents and a filthy London breeze.

The guys got to know each other as touring musicians from different bands such as High South (US) and Vanja Sky from Croatia with whom they played the German classic TV broadcast WDR Rockpalast. Recently, the band was joined by the American guitarist Ben Forrester from New York who made a name for himself as a touring guitarist for Jade MacRae (Joe Bonamassa).

The album recordings took place at Schalltona Studio in Hamburg. The aim was to get a sound that fits into 2022 and thereby retaining a warm and organic sound from the late sixties. It ́s analog mastered by Martin Meinschäfer (Henrik Freischlader) at Megaphon Tonstudios.

With their debut album “Make Me Try” the band manages to make a convincing statement. The album kicks off with “Stony Rock“, a raw barroom rocker, and ends up with “If You Get Lost“, a ballad that cuts deeply to the bone and touches emotionally. In between, there is a lot of versatility – sometimes with a Neil Young or Little Feat squall and the next moment with a floating Tom Petty groove that leads into a Stones style chorus. The jam parts which suggest the live potential of the group and the catchy hooks whet the appetite to see Stone Water in concert.


01. Stony Rock
02. Change
03. Scarecrow
04. Make Me Try
05. Awful Blues
06. Fare Thee Well
07. Second Floor
08. Backdoor Man
09. Sweet Charms
10. Sway
11. If You Get Lost

Stone Water
credit: Lea Westphal