Steve Hunter – The Deacon Speaks


Steve Hunter - The Deacon Speaks

Steve Hunter – The Deacon Speaks
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

There’s something very liberating about reaching 75 and discovering a whole new way of being creative

That is what has happened to premier guitar player Steve ‘Deacon’ Hunter this year. The last time Steve sang on any recording was back in 1977 when he released Swept Away, the song was called Sea Sonata and he was never really happy with it. But, after starting a new album at the beginning of 2023, he was working on an arrangement of Back Door Man when it crossed his mind that he could sing it, and that thought changed the direction of the whole album!

‘The Deacon Speaks’ now has him singing on eight tracks plus two instrumentals. Consisting of five covers and five original compositions, this is a bluesy, moody, vibe drenched collection with Hunters voice exuding a pinch of Dr John mixed with Tom Waites. A voice that, like his guitar playing, has character, insight and experience. His playing continues to shine with tone, dynamics, skill and above all, space.

Don’t let Steve’s incredible history in Rock and Roll with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and Peter Gabriel mislead you, his love of Blues, both Classic and Contemporary is still running through his veins.


01. Back Door Man (Willie Dixon) 
02. Tiresome Blues (Steve Hunter) 
03. Independent Soul (Karen Hunter) 
04. The Ballad Of John Henry Gates (Steve Hunter) 
05. Annabel’s Blues (Steve Hunter) 
06. Up From The Skies (Jimi Hendrix) 
07. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 
08. Waiting On A Friend (Rolling Stones) 
09. Who Is He And What Is He To You (Bill Withers) 
10. In A Lonely Place (Steve Hunter)