Ruthie Foster – Mileage


Ruthie Foster - Mileage

Ruthie Foster – Mileage
Format: CD – Vinyl – Digital
Label: Sun Records
Release: 2024

Release date: August 23, 2024

Blues singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster shines bright on her new LP ‘Mileage,’ her tenth studio album

Reflecting on journeys both professional and personal, Ruthie brings her soul to the surface with the help of producer Tyler Bryant (The Shakedown). Ruthie and Tyler grew in creative partnership from conversations that turned into songs like the exuberant “Rainbow,” “Heartshine,” and more.

I‘ve been a busy bee getting new music ready for you all! I had the wonderful opportunity to write with the very talented couple Rebecca Lovell (of Larkin Poe) and Tyler Bryant (of The Shakedown). The song “Rainbow” started from a conversation and ended up recorded in their studio soon after! The song organically moved into asking the question, “what is love?” Rainbow is not just another song about love but seeing love through. It’s also about what love looks like to me without having to apologize or explain. Hopefully this song rings sweet and true for all of you! – Ruthie Foster


01. Mileage
02. Rainbow
03. Good For My Soul
04. Heartshine
05. Slow Down
06. Six Mile Water
07. That’s All Right
08. Done
09. Take It Easy
10. See You When I See You