Rupert Wates – Elegies


Rupert Wates - Elegies

Rupert Wates – Elegies
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Bite Music
Release: 2023

Release date: September 8, 2023

My goal in writing the material for this CD was to create and sustain a particular mood. Though all the songs are love songs – some based loosely on classical and Romantic texts, others more contemporary in tone – they also have in common the theme of loss: of youth, of a time and place, of a loved one who is absent or only a memory – Rupert Wates, New York City, May 2023.

Rupert Wates was born in London and since 2007 has been based in New York City. He is the winner of well over 50 songwriting and performing awards.

He has released 11 previous CDs of original material: ‘Sweet Or Bitter Wine’ (2005); ‘Coast To Coast’ (2007); ‘Dear Life’ (2008); ‘Joe’s Café’ (2010); ‘At The Losers’ Motel’ (2012); ‘The Rank Outsiders Ball’ (2014); ‘Colorado Mornings’ (2016); ‘The Lights Of Paris’ (2017); ‘Full Circle’ (2019); ‘Lamentations’ (2020); and ‘For The People’ (2022).

He performs an average of 120 live shows a year, in every state in the US, in Canada and in Europe.


01. If I Ran to You (3:23)
02. Guinevere (3:17)
03. The Storm (3:19)
04. Lady of the Glades (3:12)
05. Cathy (2:30)
06. Like Sunrise (2:49)
07. The Man Who Worked in Clay and Stone (3:39)
08. On a Midsummer Morning (2:46)
09. We’ll Go Dancing (2:48)
10. Across the Water (3:09)
11. Winter (2:18)

All songs written by Rupert Wates
Rupert Wates: Voice and Lowden Acoustic Guitars
Trifon Dimitrov: Double bass