Robbert Duijf – Change Myself


Robbert Duijf - Change Myself

Robbert Duijf – Change Myself
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Release date: 26 Maart, 2023

Robbert brings his music pure, sincere and full of passion…

You recognize him and his music in this Blues-Gospel story:

“The term gospel music probably originated in the 1920s. On the cotton fields, the slaves were not allowed to talk to each other, but they were allowed to sing. That’s how they arose Songs of hope and encouragement, they were enriched with rhythmic influences from the blues. Gospel-Blues music is characterized by improvised narrative passages and extravagant expressiveness. The transfer of feelings, the singularity of the singer, his courage to reveal himself thanks to the recognition and support of the audience, that’s what gospel-blues is in its purest form.”

In a mix of old school delta blues, British-American folk revival and gospel blues, he tells his stories along with his guitar. His guitar playing is characterized by a typical early fingerpicking style with a slide in open and standard tunings. His voice is mourning, sincere and full of surrender. By playing and singing from his heart, he makes a deep connection with his audience.

A connection that is so important in this time!


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