Richard Lindgren – Grand Jubilee


Richard Lindgren - Grand Jubilee

Richard Lindgren – Grand Jubilee
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Rootsy Border – V2 BeNeLux
Release: 2024

Release date: January 24, 2024

Richard Lindgren is getting ready to release his 15th full length album and the first in fouryears. ‘The Grand Jubilee’ was recorded In Richard’s hometown Malmö, Sweden, with his band Grand Jubilee. ”The Grand Jubilee” will be released January 26, 2024 by Rootsy Music/Border on all digital platforms and on CD.

So what’s happened since we last heard from Richard and why four long years without any new music? Writer’s block or lack of inspiration? Not at all, far from it! Lindgren is productive as always, he’s constantly writing new songs, and he probably has songs for several new albums already. The main reason for the delay, is that he spent a lot of time forming and developing and rehearsing a new backup band, to find a new sound that fits his new songs. It’s been a process that had to take its time, to become one strong unit where each and every musician in the band contributes.

The 9 songs on “The Grand Jubilee” are long, dense with an ever present darkness. It’s sorrows and disappointment, balanced by an also ever present sense of humour. Even with strokes of optimism sometimes. You see, Richard Lindgren is a true romantic, even if he’s
doing his best to hide it.

Grand Jubilee has created a sound that matches these songs perfectly well. The music has a gravity, a less laidback attitude than Richard’s previous albums. More rock, less folk. Some of the songs are close to 10 minutes long, yet the band had the inventiveness to keep the music
interesting all the way.

”The Grand Jubilee” was produced by Christoffer Olsson Segerberg & Ale William Sjöström.


01. Big Fat Nothing
02. Empire In Ruins
03. Argentina Shoes
04. Lament From A Reservoir
05. No More Colors
06. The Grand Jubilee
07. A Walk In The Dark
08. Building Rainbows
09. The Miserable Landlord

RL-acoustic guitar, vocal
Ale William Sjöström-bass, moog/synthesizers
Joakim Svensson-guitar
Christoffer Olsson Segerberg-drums, percussion
Michael Dannevaern-guitar
Rasmus Ehrnborn-guitar
Tim Carlstedt-pedal steel

Guest appearance:
Pontus Snibb-guitar