Michael van Merwyk & Bad Temper Joe – Songs ’n’ Slide


Michael van Merwyk & Bad Temper Joe - Songs ’n ’Slide

Michael van Merwyk & Bad Temper Joe – Songs ’n’ Slide
Format: Colored Vinyl LP
Label: Timezone Records
Release: 2024

Release date: January 26, 2024

The blues in Germany has a large listenership and draws equally from the artists who represent it

Two flourishing names of the scene are those of the Westphalian blues artists Michael van Merwyk and Bad Temper Joe. The two giants, MvM measures 2 m, BTJ after all 1.95 m tall, have distinguished themselves over the years as independent personalities and musicians.

The elder van Merwyk celebrates his 40th stage anniversary in 2024, the younger Joe in the same year 10 years since the release of his first album. Bad Temper Joe’s musical career was shaped by Michael van Merwyk from the very beginning and he was always there to mentor and support him.

With “Songs ‘n’ Slide” they now release their first album together via the Osnabrück record label Timezone. As it couldn’t be more fitting for the raw and rousing acoustic blues of the two, the longplayer is released exclusively on 12” vinyl. So it’s time to get a drink ready, put on the record, sit down, lean back and listen to the incomparable sounds of the two musicians. This is the way to enjoy music.


Side A
01 Flyin’
02 Fight The Darkness
03 Most Things Haven’t Worked Out Yet
04 Next To You
05 Bad Bad Blues

Side B
06 If Tears Were Diamonds
07 Next Trouble To Come
08 Blues Keeps Calling My Name
09 Hell’s Gonna Fly
10 Will Love Find Me Again