Lara Taubman – The Gospel Of Getting Free


Lara Taubman - The Gospel Of Getting Free

Lara Taubman – The Gospel Of Getting Free
Format: CD
Label: Continental Song City – Continental Record Services
Release: 2024

Release date: June 1, 2024

My new album, “The Gospel of Getting Free,” has been like a ship on which I can finally sail home. I see only now that my albums have been primers to show me the way out of my own complex trauma to become who I truly am. Every day I realize more deeply that I am a middle-aged woman who embodies joy and truth, love, hope, beauty, spirituality and most of all, freedom. I make music so other people can believe that they too can find their own paths to refuge and their own freedom.

I hope listeners enjoy this album. I could not have done it without a team of great-hearted, award winning, caring over-achievers: Steven Williams, producer and drummer, Paul Frazier on bass, Etienne Lytle on keys, Walter Parks co-writer and guitars, Askold Buk, co-writer and guitars, Teddy Kumpel, co-writer, guitars and editor, Eber Pinheiro, mixing and mastering and Merle Chornuk sound engineer and owner of Atomic Sound Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY. I also thank Ron Browning, my vocal coach, who shows me the way to spirit. You have all been an invaluable support for me and my mission.


01. Home At Last
02. The Siren
03. The Reason I Was Born
04. Assyrian King
05. The Odyssey
06. Sugar
07. So Not Me
08. Sing Your Song
09. Love Is The Rule
10. The Gospel of Getting Free