Jeff Finlin – Soul On The Line


Jeff Finlin - Soul on the Line

Jeff Finlin – Soul On The Line
Format: CD
Label: Continental Song City – Continental Record Services
Release: 2022

Release date: June 24, 2022

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the grandson of Irish railroad workers (who seemed to be in the habit of leaping from trains), Jeff Finlin is a fascinating and singular artist with the expressionist soul of a misplaced beat poet.

One of America’s most prolific and original singer-songwriters, Finlin has released 13 critically acclaimed records, authored 3 books of prose, and written two books on Yoga and Recovery. He’s best known for his signature song “Sugar Blue” which was featured in the Cameron Crowe film “Elizabethtown.”

His latest musical foray, “Soul On The Line” is an archetypal dig into the signs of our times. This musical novella winds its way spiritually, emotionally, politically and environmentally through our current zeitgeist to examine our fate as if “written with love in the stars.”

Tune in for an elusive magic.

Finlin says of the record. “I just think it was something that needed to be said in these extreme and harrowing times we currently live in. Everything about our existence seems to be hanging in the balance.

The Chicago Sun Times said of Finlin’s work: “Finlin writes with the minimalist grit of Sam Shepard and Raymond Carver – tune in and you will hear an elusive magic.”

Uncut Magazine called Finlin “A real find.”

Music Row Magazine called Finlin: “A do it yourself piece of musical brilliance – Simply manna to the literate songwriter’s soul.”


01. Soul On The Line
02. Wondering What Went Wrong
03. Bardo Time
04. The Great Divide
05. Turn This Cadillac Around
06. Misery Man
07. Tennessee Rain
08. Round In The Circle
09. Written In the Stars
10. Hearts On High