Izo FitzRoy – A Good Woman


Izo Fitzroy - 'A Good Woman

Izo FitzRoy – A Good Woman
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Jalapeno Records
Release: 2023

Release date: April 28, 2023

Raw, dynamic performances and honest song writing have become the trademark of gospel and blues singer songwriter Izo FitzRoy.

Izo Fitzroy’s third album ‘A Good Woman’ explores life as a single woman, railing against convention, battling depression, wrangling shame, and having a more embodied connection with herself. It’s a masterclass in soul music, touching on elements of gospel, folk, and rock. Production comes courtesy of Kraak & Smaak’s Oscar de Jong, who takes her song writing into a new territory (and he’s no stranger to creating quality hits as an artist himself). The result is vibrant and ecstatic musically, with lyrics ranging from introspective and soul searching to uplifting and empowering.

The campaign for Izo’s third album A Good Woman kicked off in November 2022 with the single God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes – an emotional rollercoaster that starts off with just Izo on piano and vocals before swelling to a full band climax. The song tackles the writers feeling of not feeling safe as a woman and trying to find a saviour first in God then in relationships before realising that ultimately to reclaim her power she must save herself.

Jazz FM saw the potential and kept the song on their playlist for 2 months while FIP radio in Paris premiered a live video of the song.

It’s a powerful opening to an album that is full of highs and lows addressing who Izo really is as a woman, railing against convention, wrangling shame, getting out of depression and ultimately coming home to herself and her body. Gospel, jazz, blues, soul and folk are all present in her most accomplished album to date with her live band and gospel choir all replicating on record the magic she brings to her live shows.

Website: http://www.izofitzroy.com/

01. Hope Divine
02. Chasing Days
03. Keep Your Light On Me
04. Call Me Pilgrim
05. Somewhere Beyond The Wreckage
06. Scram
07. God Gets A Little Busy Sometimes
08. Released (Interlude)
09. A Good Woman
10. Sum Of Its Parts (Interlude)
11. Small Mercies
12. Give Me The High
13. Love And Affection

Izo FitzRoy
(Credit James Hole)