Graham Nash: Live – Songs For Beginners – Wild Tales


Graham Nash - Live - Songs For Beginners Wild Tales

Graham Nash: Live – Songs For Beginners – Wild Tales
Format: CD – 2 Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Proper Records – V2 Records
Release: 2022

Release date: May 6, 2022

‘Graham Nash: Live’ is the unique project arriving on May 6, on which Nash revisits his first two classic solo albums, ‘Songs For Beginners’ and ‘Wild Tales,’ recorded live in concert.

The live albums were recorded in 2019, each in their entirety with their songs in familiar sequence. Nash was joined on stage by a seven-piece band led by his longtime collaborators, Shane Fontayne (guitar and vocals) and Todd Caldwell (keyboards and vocals), The album was mixed by Grammy Award® winner Kevin Killen and mastered by Grammy Award® winner Bob Ludwig.

An extraordinary Grammy Award® winning renaissance artist – and self-described “simple man” – Nash was inducted twice into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, for his work with CSN and his work as a solo artist, beginning with these two landmark albums, Songs For Beginners and Wild Tales.

Nash’s lifelong commitment to his work is unwavering. His inspiration is simple: “All the things we stood for, that love is better than hatred, that peace is better than war, that we have to take care of our fellow human beings, because that’s all we have on this planet – those things are still true today. I need to know that I’ve brought something into the world that was positive and not negative.”



‘Songs For Beginners’
01. Military Madness
02. Better Days
03. Wounded Bird
04. I Used To Be King
05. Be Yourself
06. Simple Man
07. Man In the Mirror
08. There’s Only One
09. Sleep Song
10. Chicago
11. We Can Change the World

‘Wild Tales’
12. Wild Tales
13. Hey You (Looking At the Moon)
14. Prison Song
15. You’ll Never Be the Same
16. And So It Goes
17. Grave Concern
18. Oh! Camil (the Winter Soldier)
19. I Miss You
20. On the Line
21. Another Sleep Song