Gary Cain – Outside The Lines


Gary Cain - Outside The Lines

Gary Cain – Outside The Lines
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Release date: May 3, 2024

‘Outside The Lines’ is Gary Cain’s 3rd album, showcasing eclectic musical influences, stunning guitar virtuosity, and artful songwriting

Recorded and mixed in Austin Texas, the album intertwines Cain’s blues roots with rock, funk, and in the case of the restrained and personal “Resting On My Mind”, gospel and R&B. “It’s a snapshot of where I’m at as an artist and a person – an effort to find a new way forward and stay true to myself amid a lot of uncertainty and great personal loss.”

The death of Cain’s father in 2023 was devastating and sobering, catalyzing a new urgency in both life and art. It also reinforced a determination to forge ahead, evident in the tracks “Ain’t Giving Up”, and “Keep On Walking”, a pounding Hendrixian epic. Cain’s headlong forays outside the tried-and-true may twist the ear of blues traditionalists, but the guitar-slinger clearly sees them as a feature, not a bug, singing “You keep drawing the lines I’m gonna color outside” in the pointed “Blues Enough”.


01. Ain’t Got The Blues (3:11)
02. Resting On My Mind (3:14)
03. Pretty (3:26)
04. Ain’t Giving Up (2:31)
05. Attitude (4:22)
06. Blues Enough For You (3:33)
07. Far From Home (3:42)
08. Lie To Me (3:27)
09. I Don’t Care What You Say (3:20)
10. Keep On Walking (6:41)