D.K. Harrell – The Right Man


D.K. Harrell – The Right Man

D.K. Harrell – The Right Man
Format: CD
Label: Little Village Foundation
Release: 2023

Release date: June 30, 2023

Louisiana’s D.K. Harrell proves he’s The Right Man on debut album

Blues singer-guitarist-songwriter D.K. Harrell has the aura of an alien who has just arrived from another planet yet possesses cultural knowledge and wisdom that should have taken generations to learn. It’s a dichotomy that isn’t easy to describe, but witness one performance and people immediately get it.

The 25-year-old’s debut album, The Right Man on Little Village (release date June 30), is testament to a deep and abiding education in the blues.

From its opening notes, the native of Rustin, La., is relaxed, confident, and in charge of his direction. Harrell knows immediately how to build a strong groove, and then adds enough touches and flourishes to keep it interesting at every turn.

Even though Harrell is at the beginning of his career, The Right Man has all the markings of a full-fledged bluesman at work. With Harrell skillfully crafting 11 original songs, the music and words are potent.

Produced by Kid Andersen’s musical hothouse Greaseland USA, the music is loaded with tasty and inventive guitar work, horns that jump in and out, striking organ flourishes, and unrelenting musical grooves. And, rising above that is the rich voice of Harrell, wise and swaggering beyond his years.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation on Harrell’s debut is unswerving confidence and clarity of purpose. His songs sparkle with his personality and vibrancy. His guitar work is crisp and melodic, and his vocals are filled with nuance and emotion.

“Blues should tell a story, and I find that a lot of songs today don’t do that,” Harrell says. “But it’s my goal to make a lasting impression.”
When the band assembled at Greaseland for these sessions, the veterans quickly understood they were working with an unusually gifted talent.

Bassist Jerry Jemmott (Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Freddy King, and bassist on B.B. King’s original recording of “The Thrill Is Gone”), drummer Tony Coleman (30 years with B.B. King) and keyboardist Jim Pugh (Etta James, Robert Cray) along with Kid Andersen on rhythm guitar formed the core band. Sax players Aaron Lington, Stephen “Doc” Kupka and Mike Peloquin, trumpeters Neil Levonius and John Halbleib, trombone player Mike Rinta, conga player Jon Otis, background singers Tia Carroll, Lisa Andersen, Quique Gomez and Alabama Mike and string arranger Don Dally all contributed.

Harrell grew up in Ruston, a small town in the northern part of Louisiana, was an only child drawn to blues music, and started playing harmonica at age 8. He sang in the church choir and later shifted to guitar.
Along the way, he poured over videos of blues performers he liked, building not just an encyclopedic knowledge of the music, but learning how his heroes built rapport with the audience, moved on stage, and led their bands.

His debut CD brings him full circle. He’s playing clubs and festivals at every turn and building the life he always wanted. From the first time he heard the blues, he knew he had no other choice than to tap into his soul and express his feelings through the music.
The Right Man does just that.

Website: https://dkblues.com/

01. The Right Man
02. You’re A Queen
03. Get These Blues Out Of Me
04. You’d Be Amazed
05. While I’m Young
06. Not Here For A Long Time Pt. 1
07. Hello Trouble
08. Not Here For A Long Time Pt. 2
09. Honey Ain’t So Sweet
10. Leave It At The Door
11. One For The Road