Carl Verheyen – Riverboat Sky


Carl Verheyen - Riverboat Sky

Carl Verheyen – Riverboat Sky
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Cranktone Entertainment – MVD
Release: 2023

Release date: September 8, 2023

About the new album, Carl says, “Supertramp leader Rick Davies always lamented how it’s a shame that the album was a demo for the tour. I agree, we’d spend 3 or 4 months making a ‘Tramp album, but on the subsequent tour the music would develop way beyond the record as the arrangements lived and breathed every night.

The music on ‘Riverboat Sky’ was played for a year and a half before we committed the songs to posterity. And by reversing the record / tour process we were able to find the definitive arrangements and grooves for each song that no amount of rehearsing can achieve.”

Carl’s touring band of John Mader, Dave Marotta and Troy Dexter was supplemented this time with Jim Cox on keys, Chad Wackerman on drums and Alex Acuna on percussion.

The title track is a duet that Carl sings with Sophia James (who you may remember from American Idol). The entire album was tracked and mixed on Danley Sound Labs studio monitors at Village Recorders and Sunset Sound, two of LA’s most iconic “Temples of Tone.”


01. Spike the Punch
02. Dragonfly
03. Electric Chair (Studio Tour)
04. Riverboat Sky
05. April Surprise
06. Queen Bee
07. Generations
08. Jamaica Say You Will