Burning Sleeves – Turning The Light On


Burning Sleeves - Turning The Light On

Burning Sleeves – Turning The Light On
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Release date: April 5, 2024

In Finland we have a saying “the sleeves start to burn” when things don’t progress – Bluesrock band Burning Sleeves releases their debut album

Burning Sleeves was put together at the first time on February 2012. After two rehearsal sessions the band was ready for liveshow at the announcement event of RAY’s (Finnish coin machine association) game “Rautaa”, which music was composed by J. Lehtonen.

The band’s real activity started around 2015 by playing music based T. Roine’s ideas. Playing rehearsals were rarely held in the studio/practice space built in J. Lehtonen’s home in Vantaa, and occasionally at T. Väreluoto’s leisure apartment in Artjärvi among other activities. In 2017, we came to the conclusion that we should make a record. So this is the 1st release of the lineup.

The songs on the album represent many different genres. There’s swinging straight blues with a mix of old cotton field vibes and a contemporary sound. There’s also a punchier rock groove and melodic soft-rock with acoustic guitars.

The album’s songs are tied to the narratives of three different events. Each story begins with an acoustic song that fits the mood, followed by songs about an event and its outcome. There are three stories on the album and at the end of the album we ask if we learned anything from the past.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BurningSleeves/

01. Fire
02. The Price
03. Upside Down
04. Sunshine
05. Silent Consolation
06. Visible But Unknown
07. Nepal
08. Messenger
09. Why Me?
10. Build Your Dreams