Black Pearl – Black Pearl


Black Pearl - Black Pearl

Black Pearl – Black Pearl
Format: CD
Label: Redline Music
Release: 2022

Release date: April 22, 2022

BLACK PEARL is a brand new contemporary rock-blues project featuring London based, Detroit vocalist/guitarist Marcus Malone, former Wishbone Ash guitarist and arranger Muddy Manninen and songwriter Pete Feenstra.

Originally conceived as a song writing project between Muddy and Pete during loackdown , the former Motown signing Marcus Malone
quickly came on board to add his unique vocal phrasing to a project that spans rock, blues, Americana and Latino.

Helsinki born, UK based Muddy Manninen was the songwriter and guitarist for Wishbone Ash for 4 albums over 13 years. He also worked on the Tom Dowd produced Gringos Locos album ‘Punch Drunk’.

In 2017 he became a solo artist and has cut 2 albums while continuing to work with saxophonist Patsy Gamble.

Detroit born Marcus Malone learnt his craft opening for the likes of Bob Seger and Iggy Pop, before being coveted by Motown records. He was relocated to LA by Ike Turner’s management and the result was the all star ‘Marcus’ album, still available on Rock Candy records.

He has cut 7 solo albums and has enjoyed both IBBA and Dutch Hit Tracks success with the Malone Sibun album ‘Come Together’.

Pete Feenstra is an award winning blues promoter, blues-rock DJ and songwriter, who topped the German Roots rock charts.


01. Angel Town 5.02
02. Cheap Perfume 4.09
03. Delivery Man 6.29
04. Price on Love 4.41
05. Luxury Girl 4.22
06. Mexican Romance 4.41
07. Moment Of Regret 4.58
08. Natural Light 4.33
09. Handmade Pearl 5.33
10. She Knows Every Move 5.15
11. With My Baby By My Side 6.07