Beth Bombara – It All Goes Up


eth Bombara - It All Goes Up

Beth Bombara – It All Goes Up
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Black Mesa – Sonic RendezVous
Release: 2023

Release date: Augustus 4, 2023

Beth Bombara’s ‘It All Goes Up’ is for this moment what Kathleen Edwards’ Back To Me wasfor the early 2000s. It’s all there – the songwriting first and foremost with a voice thatconnects on a raw, emotional level alongside production led by Bombara’s undeniable musicality, retaining the intimacy of being wholly conceived by the artist herself.

Bombara’s last album, ‘Evergreen,’ was well-received by fans and media alike. “The likes of Aimee Mann and Jewel are fair comparisons,” noted the L.A. Weekly, “every tone is tinged with emotion, nothing is wasted.”

With It All Goes Up, Bombara has risen to a new level and let some light in. “There’s more light, more hope in this record,” she says, “and it feels more positive sonically, as well.” These songs were written during the chaos of the past couple years, and the time found Bombara looking for silver linings, writing to keep herself positive and keep her mind open and fresh. She continues, “During the pandemic I reconnected with an old guitar that had been collecting dust in my closet for many years. It’s a classical guitar, and I wrote a lot of the
songs for this record on it, which brought something different to them and took the tone of the record in a new direction.” Bombara’s songwriting certainly did take a turn – upwards, in more ways than one.

Beth Bombara

After studying music in college, she began playing in other people’s bands. It speaks to the depth of her musicianship that she played guitar and percussion in one band, bass in another project, and keys in yet another. So, just in case you weren’t aware – Bombara has talent and ears way beyond those of your average singer-songwriter.

Bombara spent years on the road in other bands before encouragement from peers led her to start writing and performing her own music. “I never set out to be a lead singer,” she admits. “I wasn’t comfortable being in the spotlight like that. I struggled with anxiety and talking into a microphone just froze me up.” Yet the songs were there. So Bombara slowly started performing her own material, watering the seeds that would grow into her own flourishing career. After releasing her first album, she was invited to perform in front of 10,000 people at the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ Whitaker Music Festival, and that was a breakthrough moment for her as a performer. “I figured, if I can do that, I can do anything.”


01. Moment
02. Lonely Walls
03. Everything I Wanted
04. Get On
05. Carry the Weight
06. Curious and Free
07. Give Me a Reason
08. Electricity
09. What You Wanna Hear
10. Fade