Austin Walkin’ Cane – Murder Of A Blues Singer


Austin Walkin' Cane - Murder Of A Blues Singer

Austin Walkin’ Cane – Murder Of A Blues Singer
Format: CD
Label: Hoboville Records
Release: 2023

Release date: October 20, 2023

Originally released in 2008, ‘Murder Of A Blues Singer’ was only available directly from Austin Walkin’ Cane and will now be officially available in stores for the first time. ‘Murder Of A Blues Singer,’ was inspired by an after hours diner conversation with blues legend Robert Jr. Lockwood.

“The stories were flowing like the grease off our plates”, subsequently the album is saturated in classic delta blues, as were the tales of Lockwood’s stepfather, Robert Johnson.

Mr. Lockwood had agreed to perform on the album but fate had changed that path when Lockwood passed away a couple of weeks before the Suma Recording Sessions at the age of 91 years young.

The album was recorded in two sessions. One day for the electric band & the other as acoustic session.

The band, comprised of Mike Barrick on bass, Michael Bay on guitar & Jim Wall on drums, captured the perfect “live in the studio” feeling that Austin & co-writer Chris Allen had envisioned for these songs.

„The band was a “well oiled machine” that had been writing, recording & performing together from 1998-2008. Having the Prayer Warriors gospel choir on „See That My Grave Is Kept Clean“ was like a dream.“
(Austin Walkin’ cane)

Other special guests on „Murder Of A Blues Singer“ include Colin Dussault on harmonica & Eroc Sosinski on vocals.


01. High Rent Lemon Girl, Aren’t Ya
02. Murder of a Blues Singer
03. Devil s Backbone
04. Step It Up – Go
05. Ramblin – On My Mind
06. Georgia Moon
07. Graveyard Town
08. Hold On the Night
09. Late Great Singer
10. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Austin Walkin’ Cane –
Vocals & Slide Guitar
Michael Bay – guitar
Mike Barrick – bass
Jim Wall – drums
Special Guests:
Colin Dussault – harmonica
Eroc Sosinski – vocals