Eljuri – Reflection


Eljuri - Reflection

Eljuri – Reflection
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2022

Release date: September 30, 2022

Music inspires us all. The vibrations ripple through the space between us. Eljuri is constantly exploring new sounds. They intersect somewhere between the cultures that she was raised in and the places that she has called home: Spain, Lebanon, Ecuador and New York City. Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador to Lebanese and Spanish parents, she moved in her childhood to New York. Steeped in her greatest passion of songwriting, she welcomes you to drink from her new cup of “Reflexion”. Her antidote to the inconceivable isolation we have all recently experienced. Her highly anticipated fifth solo-album is another feelgood gem!

Eljuri lays down an optimistic sonic guitar palette that boasts a blend of classic funk guitar rhytms with modern filter effects. She plays several guitars, including her favorite Gibson Les Paul. She is accompanied by her rhythm section with Alex Alexander on drums and percussion and bass-player Winston Roye. The songs were recorded and mixed by Paul Antonell and Shubham Mondal at The Clubhouse and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios.

“My greatest passion is songwriting. I feel empowered to testify about life in 2022. I consider myself a conduit to the voices of those I encounter when I travel and tour internationally. My music mirrors the things that resonate in my soul. I break musical and social boundaries and take risks that stretch my sound beyond where it’s been before. From my unique perspective as a New Yorker, immigrant, Latina, woman, singer and guitarist I am exploring deeply within my creative self and emerging to reflect the world around me”.

As a revered songwriter and guitarist, with over 20 years of experience as a professional musician, Eljuri developed hypnotic and undeniable melodies that are familiar and foreign all at once. With heavy guitar-driven grooves, her mix of rock, Latin, middle-eastern music, reggae, funk and dance wrap around stories of resilience, shelter, our borders and the planet. She empowers the Latinx community, champions for human rights and is considered as one of the leading Latina artivists!

Touted as one of the top Latina electric guitar players in the world, Eljuri celebrates her ‘free life’ again with “Reflexion”. Eljuri’s stature, musicianship and social engagement have allowed her to create new and deeply relevant connections virtually with new audiences in the time of Covid, but there is no substitute for the thrill of being on stage and creating a unique symbiotic musical bubble with a live crowd. Audiences engage with her memorable bilingual message of protest and universal truths.

Website: https://www.eljurimusic.com/

01. Espejo
02. Salva La Tierra
03. La Voz
04. Home
05. Shelter
06. Llevame
07. Por Ti
08. El Dia
09. No Puedo Cruzar
10. Feeds You
11. El Camino
12. Keep It Up (bonus-track)