Moses Sumney – Græ
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Jagjaguwar
Releasedatum: 21 februari 2020 (Part 1) / 15 mei 2020 (Part 2)

Moses Sumney evades definition as an act of duty: technicolor videos and monochrome clothes; Art Rock and Black Classical; blowing into Fashion Week from a small town in North Carolina; seemingly infinite collaborators, but only one staggering voice.
A young life spent betwixt Southern California and Accra, Ghana – not so much rootless as an epyphite, an air plant. The scale is cinematic but the moves are precise deeds of art and stewardship. Sumney’s new, generous double album, græ, is an assertion that the undefinable still exists and dwelling in it is an act of resistance. 

There’s probably a biblical analogy to be made about a person who just happens to be named Moses, who flees the binary, splits a massive body into two pieces, and leads us through the in-between – holy and wholly rebellious. By breaking up græ into two multifaceted, dynamic pieces, Sumney is quite literally creating a “grey” in-between space for listeners to absorb and consider the art. Not strictly singles, not strictly albums, never altogether songs or spoken word segments on their own. It’s neither here nor there. “Neither/Nor,” if you will.

Part One:
01. Insula
02. Cut Me
03. In Bloom
04. Virile
05. Conveyor
06. Boxes
07. Gagarin
08. jill/jack
09. Colouour
10. Also Also Also and and and
11. Neither/Nor
12. Polly

Part Two:
13. Two Dogs
14. Bystanders
15. Me in 20 Years
16. Keeps Me Alive
17. Lucky Me
18. And So I Come To Isolation
19. Bless Me
20. Before You Go