Modulator II – Slivered Hearse
Format: CD – Vinyl – Digital
Label: Stolen Body Records
Releasedatum: 24 april 2020

Stolen Body are delighted to welcome Parisian fuzz monsters Modulator II to the family. With that we bring their debut album ‘Slivered Hearse’. The band previously released their Self Titled EP in 2018 and have been out touring Europe and the UK since.

We had the pleasure of having them over for last years Astral Festival in Bristol. You may recognise a couple of the members from Stolen Body band Dusty Mush.
Cédric Bottacchi has swapped the guitar to slay the drums and Romain has swapped his usual bass rig to rip out some huge riffs on the guitar.

Having released most of Dusty Mush’s back catalogue Modulator II was an easy decision for us. The moment we stuck the album on it blew us away. This is a distinct step away from Dusty Mush whilst still keep a lot of the familiar characteristics.

‘Silvered Hearse’ will blow you away. Members Maëlle Puligny (bass) and Benjamin Firtion (guitar) complete the 4 piece. Ground control speaking, prepare yourself to fall into the abysses of the apocalyptic future. The Big Crunch is here, growling from limbo. Can you hear it ?

This eerie hunch, your intrinsic fears, the griming guitars are taking you there. Extinction is near, as they’re saying, trapping you between the walls of their psychotic sound. It’s fast. Oxidised by corrupted fuzz. No space left for salvation.
The rumbling bass will destroy your last illusions. The spatial voice will guide you toward your own psychoses, mayhem in your humanity, converting you with the reverb to a humanoid version of yourself.

Do you still have an ounce of hope ? Modulator II’s version of the future is way more pessimistic. The universe has stopped its perpetual expansion and is going back to its tomb. It’s time to let go. Join the slivered hearse, it will lead you to the cosmic void.

Track Listing:
01. The Big Crunch
02. Modulation
03. Uncanny Valley
04. Stopover Commander
05. Gray Matter
06. Solarized
07. Extinction
08. Odd Harmonic Partials
09. Slivered Hearse

photo credit: Maxime Verret