Mick Kolassa – Wasted Youth


Mick Kolassa - Wasted Youth

Mick Kolassa – Wasted Youth
Format: CD
Label: Endless Blues Records
Release: 2021

Mick Kolassa has once again teamed up with Jeff Jensen to put together a package of fun. Following the critically acclaimed ‘If You Can’t Be Good,’ ‘Wasted Youth’ is a collection of a dozen tracks with 14 songs, 11 of which are Kolassa originals.

The Covid year of 2020, during which Mick lost his wife and several friends, inspired many of the songs on this album.

Jeff Jensen GUITAR
Bill Rufino BASS
James Cunningham DRUMS (1,7,8,11)
Doug McMinn DRUMS (2,3,4,5,6,9,10)
Tullie Brae BACKING VOCALS (1,5,9)
Eric Hughes HARMONICA (2)
Brandon Santini HARMONICA (10)
Marc Franklin TRUMPET
Kirk Smothers SAXOPHONES
Brad Webb SLIDE GUITAR (2)
Albert Castiglia SLIDE GUITAR (12)
David Julia GUITAR (5)
Anthony Paule GUITAR (6)
Victor Wainwright PIANO (7)
Alice Hasen VIOLIN (9)
Vickey Loveland CONGA DRUMS (5,9)

01. Throwing Away These Blues
02. Wasted Youth
03. It Hurts To Let You Go
04. I’m Missing You
05. Easy Doesn’t Live Here
06. I Can’t Get Enough
07. Feeling Sorry For Myself
08. Touching Bass
09. Darkness To Light
10. My Mind Doesn’t Wander
11. Pieces Of My Past
12. Edge Of A Razor