Mekong Delta – Tales Of A Future Past
Format: CD – LP
Label: Butler Records – Bertus Distributie
Releasedatum: 24 april 2020

A new chapter is dawning in the musical playground that is Mekong Delta. The recording of ‘Tales of a Future Past’ is (finally) done. The technical level of the songs on the new album was pretty high and took more time to record than anticipated. A few weeks back the band was very pleased with the rough mix of the new album and final mixing of the album has been started right after that. There has been a delay with the final mix due to some unforeseen, personal circumstances. Since almost 70% of the songs was already done before previous mentioned circumstances happened, the estimate of time to complete the mix will be about 14 days. We will keep you informed of the actual release date.

The line-up and the history of german band Mekong Delta was to be the best kept secret in the world. At the end of ’85 an idea was born to start a studio project with german metal musicians. It was suppost to outshine all independent releases musically. The thought that german musicians would not be accepted, made the people of the project decide to keep everything about the band a secret. The name Zardoz was rejected followed by the acceptance of the name “Mekong Delta”, named after a riverbed in Vietnam. The entire project was started by Ralf Hubert, sound-engineer of Warlock, Steeler and Living Death, and owner of the recordlabel “Aaarrg”.

01. Landscape 1 – Into the Void
02. Mental Entropy
03. A Colony of Liar Men
04. Landscape 2 – Waste Land
05. Mindeater
06. The Hollow Men
07. Landscape 3 – Inharent
08. When all Hope is Gone
09. A Farewell to Eternity
10. Landscape 4 – Pleasant Ground

Ralf Hubert – Bass and Concert Guitar
Alexander Landenburg – Drums
Peter Lake – Guitar
Martin Lemar – Vocals

Website: Mekong Delta