Matt Patershuk – An Honest Effort


Matt Patershuk - An Honest Effort

Matt Patershuk – An Honest Effort
Format: CD – Digital
Label: Black Hen Music
Release: 2021

Release date: November 19, 2021

An incredible singer-songwriter

Matt Patershuk’s Grandad used to say, “God loves a trier”. He didn’t mean it in the way televangelist preachers do, who often say in not so many words: “If you pray the right way (and tithe appropriately), God will open limitless financial, health and career benefits before you.” He meant that there is worth, and value in the trying. The act of making an effort is redemptive, despite the outcome.

This record is called ‘An Honest Effort.’ You’ll find stories on this album about folks trying. In the face of unfavourable odds, with seemingly certain unfavourable outcomes, they give it a good go. Results vary, but all of them are better off for the attempt.

Matt is a singer and songwriter first. He values simplicity, but also loves to incorporate the small details that bring a story to life and make it relatable. Though his songs aren’t devoid of metaphor, you’ll not be left guessing about what the song is about when you’re done listening.

01. Johanna (3:28)
02. Jupiter the Flying Horse (6:17)
03. Sunny* (5:50)
04. Turn the Radio Up (3:33)
05. Afraid to Speak Her Name (3:01)
06. 1.3 Miles (4:04)
07. Stay With Me (4:31)
08. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (4.13)
09. Clever Hans (4:56)
10. Shane MacGowan (4:57)
11. Upright (4:59)

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Matt Patershuk
photo by Violet Patershuk