Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real – A Few Stars Apart


Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real - A Few Stars Apart

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real – A Few Stars Apart
Format: CD – LP – Digital
Label: Concord – Universal
Release: 2021

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‘A Few Stars Apart’ is a testament to finding a human connection: between close family and friends, as well as one’s own heart. Produced by GRAMMY Award winning producer Dave Cobb, the album was inspired by the stillness Nelson found while riding out the beginning of the pandemic with his family in Texas and was recorded with the full band live on eight-track tape over three weeks at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A.

The eleven songs reveal what it means to come home again, to be still, and to find community—and yourself.

“I’m from what one might say is the ultimate road family—I’ve been on the road my entire life,” shares Nelson. “I’ve never been anywhere longer than three months, and suddenly here we are, the four of us together. And thank god we were together.

I can’t remember the last time we had that much time together as a family. We had a lot of really important bonding that happened during that time. And I have to say, as terrible as the pandemic has been in so many ways, for my inner peace, I was able to take a lot of good from this time. I was able to pause and reflect.”

He continues, “It took me a really long time to come back to the home in my heart. In a physical sense, that’s Texas and Hawaii. But in a spiritual sense as well—I think I finally decided not to run from who I am and who I am destined to be.

First and foremost, that’s a songwriter. That’s what this record means to me. There’s a story being told through the whole record. A story about connection and coming home.”

01. We’ll Be Alright
02. Perennial Bloom (Back To You)
03. Throwin’ Away Your Love
04. A Few Stars Apart
05. No Reason
06. Leave ‘em Behind
07. Wildest Dream
08. Giving You Away
09. Hand Me A Light
10. More Than We Can Handle
11. Smile

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