Jesper Theis – The Tide Will Turn Again


Jesper Theis - The Tide Will Turn Again

After releasing his first album, ‘Narrow Line’, in 2017 Jesper got more and more dragged into the process of songwriting instead of doing coverversions of old bluessongs. That has led him to record this album which contains 11 of his original songs.

The lyrics revolves mostly around politic issues and a few of the songs are straight up lovesongs.

Even though the music is as new as it gets it still has it’s roots in old style blues and early jazz. But this time Jesper has set out on a mission to not only get categorized as a bluesman and as you listen to the songs you can hear that other genres are represented among the 11 tracks.

To record honest songs you need a honest way of recording. Therefore the whole album is recorded in one-takes with only one microphone using the old Blumlein technique with all the musicians around that one microphone recording the songs together. The recordings took place over a few days in PoolHouseStudio in Aalborg, Denmark.

The album will only be available as physical formats and as download via and

The band consists of some experienced musicians. Unfortunately Bert Deivert could not joint the recordings because of the Covid travel restrictions that year. Hopefully he’ll join in on the next album. Luckily Tim Lothar, Jarno Varsted, Olav Gudnason and Søren Lykkegaard could take part in the recordings and they – together with Jesper – recorded this album.

Jesper Theis – Vocal, acoustic guitar, resonator and banjo
Tim Lothar – Dobro, acoustic guitar, accordion, and organ
Olav Gudnason – Doublebass
Jarno Varsted – Harp and electric guitar
Søren Lykkegaard – Drum and percussion

Kenneth Hove – Sound engineer and owner of the studio