G30 – Tutto Be Okay
Format: CD
Label: The Room Recordings
Release: 2020

Release: September 11th 2020

G30 a new Electric guitar music project by Juan van Emmerloot

“As a young drummer I already recognized my passion for guitar driven music. As a professional drummer I have toured and recorded with some of the greatest guitar players of the planet. In total admiration of their music I started to learn to play the guitar at the age of 25 to be able to create my own compositions. Life has taught me to keep focussed on creating music in good and in bad times. That’s why I can say that all of my work is based on true feelings and emotions!

With G30 I have 2 amazing talents on board; Brian Bordes and Mark Bogert who are capable and creative enough to bring my music to a whole different level.

With Mark & Brian G30 has two amazing talented guitar players on board who are capable to translate Juan’s music and bring it to a whole different level. The first video ‘Yip Yeah!’ features Mark as main guitarist.

The second video ‘Hidden Treasures’ features Brian as main guitarist and will be released on August 28th.

The EP hosts 6 instrumental rock songs with fusion/blues/jazz touch. The second EP will see the light early 2021.

01. G30
02. Yip Yeah!
03. Hidden Treasures
04. Ring Of Fairy
05. Tutto Be Okay
06. IFO

Brian Bordes – Guitars
Mark Bogert – Guitars
Juan van Emmerloot – Drums
Thomas Bank – Keys
Emile Bode – Keys
Poala Zadra – Bass

Website: G30