Duffy Bishop – I’m Gonna Do What I Want!
Format: CD
Label: Lil’ Spinner Records
Releasedatum: 29 mei 2020

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee’s Back!!

Legendary & Tireless Blues-Rock-Jazz-Soul Singer, Duffy Bishop, launches her new album. ‘I’m Gonna Do What I Want’ on Friday, May 29th. The album is a call to action, with powerful vocals and songs that pull you in and demand your attention.

Duffy Bishop is a force of nature and an unforgettable performer, and for those of you who know Duffy, this album speaks to who she is: groundbreaking, a take no prisoners performer, and a passionate multi-genre singer who defies any one label.

I’m Gonna Do What I Want” , was produced by Duffy, guitarist/husband Chris Carlson and engineer Jim DeVito at Retrophonics Studios in Crescent Beach, FL.

Duffy is a member of the Hall of Fame of the Cascade Blues Association (Portland, Oregon) Washington Blues Society (Seattle, Washington) and The Oregon Music Hall of Fame.


Duffy Bishop is a force of nature, an unforgettable performer, and for those who know Duffy and what new fans will discover, her new album, I’m Gonna Do What I Want, speaks volumes about who she is: a genre breaking, take no prisoners, passionate performer who defies any one label. 

Duffy is a living treasure on the West Coast and is in the Halls of Fame for The Washington Blues Society, The Cascade Blues Association and the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. 

Duffy is influenced by the entirety of American Music. From the time she was a little girl, Duffy would soak up everything – from Memphis Minnie to Judy Garland, Ella to Janis, Dylan to Bowie. She loved the performers who could walk out on stage, hold your heart in their hand and transport you to another world.  Like the artists who inspired her, Duffy’s charisma, authentic voice, and ferocious presence sends chills down the spine and puts a smile on the face. 

With a long and enduring career, Duffy Bishop is truly a gift that keeps on giving, whether at a Festival or an intimate House Concert, her live shows are legendary music experiences. 

Duffy has enjoyed learning from the many greats she has been fortunate to open for. Etta James, Ruth Brown, Lou Rawls, Bo Diddley (who called her “dangerous”), The Neville Brothers, to name just a few. 

With long-time collaborator, guitarist, singer/songwriter, husband Chris Carlson, they have travelled and made music across the USA, Canada, Norway, Hong Kong, Japan, and Austria. 

01. I’m Gonna Do What I Want
02. Love Grown Cold
03. Sixty Nine Years Old
04. Must Be My Fault
05. You Don’t Own Me
06. One Time
07. My Road Is Not Wide
08. Whistle Callin
09. New Song

Website: Duffy Bishop