Diana Jones – Song To A Refugee
Format: CD
Label: Proper Records
Release: 2020

Acclaimed for earlier albums inspired by the almost mystical connection to her birth family and the music of rural Tennessee, Diana Jones is known for giving voice to dispossessed people from the past.

‘Song To A Refugee’ finds Diana looking into the wider world to shine a light on current issues close to her heart. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer and musician David Mansfield, who also plays multiple instruments on the record, special guest artists include Richard Thompson, Steve Earle, Peggy Seeger,The Chapin Sisters, Jason Sypher on bass, Glenn Patscha on piano and Will Holshouser on accordion.

‘Song To A Refuge’, Diana’s 6th solo recording, gives voice to the stories of asylum seekers worldwide; a testament to Diana’s commitment to social justice through her gifts as a consummate songwriter and performer.

01. El Chaparral
02. I Wait for You
03. Song to a Refugee
04. We Believe You (met Peggy Seeger, Richard Thompson en Steve Earle)
05. Mama Hold Your Baby
06. Santiago
07. Ask a Woman
08. The Life I Left Behind
09. Where We Are (3:04)
10. Humble
11. Love Song to a Bird
12. The Sea Is My Mother
13. The Last Words

Website: Diana Jones