del-Toros – Live in Hollywood
Format: Digital – Audio Cassette
Label: Down at the Nightclub Records
Releasedatum: 23 mei 2020

We are proud to present you the del-Toros‘ latest release on Down at the Nightclub Records.

Last year the Dutch instrumental powertrio del-Toros toured California playing nine shows including one at the Stoned and Dusted festival. The US tour was the musical highlight in their career and a true jewel in their 10 years existence.

‘Live In Hollywood’ is a registration from the show at the Harvard and Stone (Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.) recorded on the 23rd of May 2019. del-Toros that evening played a double show with The Freaks. Once again del-Toros proved in all their rawness to be a true cross-over band. Surf, punk and stoner rock are going hand in hand.

‘Live in Hollywood’ is now available on iTunes and by the end of the year on a limited edition audio cassette.

01. 72 South
02. No Love Lost
03. Theme For Great Cities
04. Loose Lips
05. Die Cast
06. Halloween Theme
07. 50 Knots
08. Interview DaBelly Magazine USA (Audio Cassette exclusive)

Recorded live 23 May 2019 in Hollywood, USA.
Mixed by Peter van Elderen and Guido Bruin at Studio Iglesias

Website: del-Toros