Bobby Conn – Recovery
Format: CD – Limited edition Lp _Digital
Label: Tapete Records
Releasedatum: 20 maart 2020

What’s the point of recovery if we were never really healthy to begin with? I started working on this record about four years ago, thinking of the American obsession with self-help, self-care and self-empowerment as a cruel and cheap substitute for helping each other.
It’s a concept that rewards those that have the money to help themselves, and blames those that don’t for not trying hard enough. Then there were some elections. Now there is a narrative of “recovering” our stronger, bolder, racially pure, cultural and economic glory days. And then some of my friends started getting sick, or dying, or committed suicide. So it got real. But don’t worry – the record doesn’t sound depressing!

As always, the sound is the past 50 years of art rock and soul tossed into a blender and set on liguify. I was really into 10cc, J Dilla, Liaisons Dangeroux, Jean Claude Vannier, Anna Meredith, Slade, D’Angelo, etc. when writing this record, but l’m sure you can hear it for yourself. Musically, this is a collaboration with my partner Monica BouBou on violin and vocals and our Superband of drummer Josh Johannpeter, bassist Jim “Dallas” Coorer, keyboardist and string player Billie Howard, guitarist Devin Davis, and long time sound artist DJ LeDeuce.
We recorded it over many months in a basement. There is a cameo by synth genius Felix Kubin on Brother. Mixed by the brilliant Tobias Levin and Hannes Plattmeier in Hamburg, Germany.

01. Recovery
02. Disposable Future
03. Good Old Days
04. No Grownups
05. Brother
06. On The Nose
07. Bijou
08. Disaster
09. It’s a Young Man’s Game
10. Always Already