Bob Margolin – Star Of Stage And Screens
Format: CD
Label: VizzTone Label Group
Release: 2020

This six-song EP builds on Bob Margolin’s current success with all acoustic music — 2019’s “This Guitar and Tonight” won a Blues Music Award for Best Acoustic Album.

These new all-original songs take on the Coronavirus, isolation, and the halt of live music. He shares missing shows and friends, fear for the world, outrage, grief, new coping skills and new ways to present his music.

He plays slide guitar on a 1930s Gibson and one on a National steel guitar. He embraces both traditional styles and new explorations, home recorded direct and again, no sugar added. “I’d like to distract us from the largest world tragedy of my lifetime, but I must confront it musically.

I thought it was ironic that musicians always wrote, performed or recorded songs about death, illness, natural and unnatural disasters — as entertainment. I tried to avoid it until my last album had two political songs on it. At its brightest, one song on this EP looks forward to an ‘after party’ someday.

At its saddest, it mourns those we lost. A few years ago, I wrote ‘I Shall Prevail’ about the challenges of modern life and the will to overcome. Though today’s challenges were unimaginable when I wrote that song, there’s nothing to do now but what I said in the song ‘Love and Thanks’ here: I’ll stand and walk toward what I only hope is there.’ Let’s stand together with love and respect and cope, survive, and make new opportunities out of the ruins of ‘the old days.’ “ — Bob Margolin

01. Star Of Stage And Screens
02. Love and Thanks
03. After Party
04. For My Teachers
05. Let It Go
06. March 2020 In Stop Time