Birdmens – Lockdown Loaded
Format:  Limited Edition CD / Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Eigen Beheer
Releasedatum: 1 juni 2020

With 198 years of live performance experience between them, ‘Birdmens’ came together in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. Creative recklessness facilitated them, more readily, being socially responsible.

Birdmens are:
Jon Amor [Lead & Backing Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Gtrs]
Rob Barry [Bass Guitars]
Dave Doherty [Lead & Rhythm Gtrs / Backing Vocals / Percussion]
Joel Fisk [Lead & Rhythm Gtrs / Backing Vocals]
Bob Fridzema [Keyboards]
Jonny Henderson [Keyboards]
Giles King [Harmonica]
Ian Siegal [Lead & Backing Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Gtrs]

Armed only with cheap microphones, phones and varying internet speeds, ‘Birdmens’ have made an album which thrusts a genuine life-force and verve back into a scene they feel is in need.
Made in bedrooms & kitchens, for less money than would be needed to buy each of the eight members a face mask, ‘Lockdown Loaded’ is one of the best musical releases to come out of the global pandemic to date.
The album was engineered by all members, and Mixed and Produced by Dave Doherty. ‘Lockdown Loaded’ is available now on Limited Edition CD / Vinyl LP from

QUOTE “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this…the guttural depth and raw honesty achieved…I will have to come back for another dose of this again and again! Fucking brilliant!” Sheldon Gomberg – Grammy Award Winner* [*Best Blues Album 2014 for ‘Get Up!’ by Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite]

01. Cat Drugged Up
02. Hipbone
03. Star
04. Sheriff
05. Heal Thyself
06. It’s Inconvenient
07. Holler
08. Diggin’ That Rut
09. What’s The Name
10. Cover It Up
11. Birdmens