+11 Guys Quartet - Small Blues And Grooves

11 Guys Quartet – Small Blues And Grooves
Format: CD
Label: VizzTone Label Group
Releasedatum: 10 januari 2020

The 11 GUYS QUARTET is: Paul Lenart (guitar), Bill Mather (bass), Chuck Purro (drums), and Richard Rosenblatt (harmonica.) [Full Disclosure: harp player Richard Rosenblatt is VizzTone label group President.]

Billy, Paul, Chuck and Rosy got together in the early 1980s as the 11th Hour Band – played some great rockin’ blues, hit the Boston area clubs and had some wild times. They released “Hot Time In The City Tonight” in 1985, the first record on the fledgling ToneCool Records imprint, and went on to play together off and on for the next few decades. They all stayed busy with other pursuits, musical and otherwise, but their unique musical chemistry and friendship kept bringing the “11 Guys” back to their original quartet. Around 2008 they decided to go into the studio to record some original instrumentals — straight-ahead, unadorned live takes, mood pieces and variations — no screaming solos, all selfcontained and, well… small. After considering the possibilities for another decade or so, they decided it was time to release this music to the world as “11 GUYS QUARTET – SMALL BLUES AND GROOVES.” The first single, “Road Trippin’,” finds the Guys stretching out over a Freddie Kingstyle groove.

Album track list:
01. Road Trippin’
02. Jackrabbit
03. Sweet Taste
04. Doggin’ It
05. Sleepless
06. East Cambridge Cannonball
07. Speakeasy Serenade
08. Four Maypops
09. Down and Dirty
10. Swing Low
11. Hey Daddyo
12. Midnight Streetcar
13. Rhumba Boogaloo
14. Swamp Ride