The Stimulators – Travelogue
Format: CD
Label: United Sounds Records
Release: 2021

Release date: March, 2021

So here it is, finally: „Travelogue“ – the Stimulators‘ seventh studio album, their first since 2009’s „Loaded“, and their first with percussionist Hans Mühlegg taking over the drum stool left vacant by brother Oscar Pöhnl, who has sadly left us for the great gig in the sky.

The eleven songs on this longplayer have been part of the Stimulator’s live set for a while. What with the lockdown and no live gigs in sight, the band decided that the time was right to go in the studio.

True to the Stimulators’ unabated musical wanderlust, „Travelogue“ takes the listener on a syncopated trip around our strange and wonderful world.

Peter Schneider: Guitar
Oliver Stephan: Lead Vocals & guitar
Florian Sagner: Trumpet, Vocals & Backup Vocals , Percussion
Uli Lehmann: Bass
Hans Mühlegg: Drums & Percussion
Marcio Tubino: Tenor- Sax, Flute, Percussion

Peter Schneider founded The Stimulators in 1998 after being a sideman for Willy Michl, Hans Söllner, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Ike Turner,
Ren Woods, George Semper and many more. With lead singer Oliver Stephan (Nighthawks, Safari No Go), trumpet player Florian Sagner (Cafe
Del Mar), bass player Uli Lehmann (Ringsgwandl), percussionist Hans Mühlegg (Alpin Drums), drummer Oskar Pöhnl (Champion Jack Dupree,
Louisiana Red,) and saxophone player Marcio Tubino (Egberto Gismonti, Joe Zawinul), who came aboard in 2003, Schneider recruited only highprofile musicians for the group.

The band since then consists of the same personell. Only drummer Oskar Pöhnl has left for the great gig in the sky in 2020 and was replaced on drums by Hans Mühlegg who played percussion with The Stims for the first 22 years while trumpet player Florian Sagner took over many of the percussion duties.
10 CDs, 2 DVD´s and more than 1500 concerts in Europe and the USA is what has been happening so far.