The Pretty Things – Bare As Bone Bright As Blood
Format: CD – gatefold 2xLP on red vinyl and Digital
Label: Madfish Music
Release: 2020

The Pretty Things have announced their new album ‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ will be released on 25th September via Madfish Music.

The 15th May 2020 marked the death of Phil May, the legendary lead singer with The Pretty Things. At the time of his death, Phil was hugely excited about the impending release of the first-ever, all-acoustic Pretty Things album, which had recently been completed.
‘Bare As Bone, Bright As Blood’ is an album of raw, live, devil’s music straight from the Dartford Delta with its heart in Depression era Mississippi.
A record to make the band’s die-hard fanbase think, as well as enjoy, and take them back to where the “1st Wave British R&B’ers” came in. Not just a jolly trip down memory lane, but something to put some perspective on the emerging road ahead, as well as view back down that road. It features a mix of source material; standards the band has featured in its set for years; some semi-contemporary compositions by unexpected, existing and established artists (but of a younger generation); original recordings penned by old friends and new finds. 
There is a connection across the 55-year timespan between the start-up Pretties, and this newly emerging, acoustic and roots Pretty Things.

01. Cant Be Satisfied
02. Come Into My Kitchen
03. Aint No Grave
04. Faultline
05. Redemption Day
06. Devils Had A Hold On Me
07. Bright As Blood
08. Love In Vain
09. Black Girl
10. To Build A Wall
11. Another World
12. Im Ready

Website: The Pretty Things