Tim Easton – Sliver Of Light


Label: Black Mesa

Tim Easton creates songs for the Great American Songbook. With reverence for the past, but an outlook toward the future, Easton is easily among the greatest songwriters of our time. Pulling from a wide range of influences, he crafts his songs to lead you on a journey. Folk, Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, there’s no folk-influenced genre that can stump Tim Easton.

“Sliver Of Light” lives in the category of powerlessness over the behavior of others. I wrote the lyrics on a Dutch train during a European tour. I had just heard tough news from home. A friend who had fallen down in a drunken stupor was suddenly on life support. The words poured out fast and when I arrived at my hotel I immediately set the lyrics to music. Once back home in Nashville, the recording session was equally charged and completed in a few hours.

Take one was the keeper track with me singing and playing guitar along with the band while a friend filmed us recording. Overdubs were added with some percussion, wurlitzer keyboard, and harmony vocals to complete a song that is two thirds observation and experience. and one third baseball prayers.

There is a certain helplessness that is involved with the friends and family of people who are in active addiction that is never easy to understand. I have been in this frustrating place before, and all I have is songwriting to help me deal with it. Sometimes we are simply unable to help people get well. May this song bring comfort to those who are right on the edge, barely hanging on. You are not alone.

Website: https://www.timeaston.com/

from Tim E. in Tennessee
Recorded at Cartoon Moon Studios in Nashville, TN
Produced by T. Easton & Gabe Masterson
Engineered, mixed by G. Masterson
Mastered by Alex McCollough at True Easton Mastering
Acoustic guitar, vocals: T. Easton
Electric guitar, wurlitzer, organ: Kevin Nolan
Drums & percussion: Matt Nolan
Bass: Tommy Scifres
Harmony vocals: Coralee
Video filmed and directed by Jamey Woo